The Battle of Efficiency: Hydraulic Drive vs. Chain Drive in Asphalt Rolling Machines

In the world of asphalt rolling machines, the choice between hydraulic and chain drives is crucial. Let’s compare these drive systems and explore their advantages.



Hydraulic Drive

-Smooth operation with precise control

-Variable speed capability to match specific requirements

-Enhanced maneuverability for navigating tight spaces


Chain Drive

-Simplicity and durability for heavy-duty applications

-Cost-effectiveness without compromising performance

-Excellent traction for optimal compaction results



Choosing between hydraulic and chain drives in asphalt rolling machines ultimately depends on specific needs and preferences, with hydraulic drives offering smooth, precise control and enhanced maneuverability, while chain drives provide simplicity, durability, and excellent traction.


At New Beuthling we offer both options, ensuring that you can find the best solution and make the right choice for your compaction needs.